VigRx Plus pills performance review and how it worked for me fighting my erectile dysfunction problem

If you have been searching the internet for cures to erectile dysfunction or penis enlargement in its own rights, you will have no doubt come across the name VigRx Plus before. VigRx Plus are voted the worlds number 1 in natural penis enhancing pills and they have been used by millions of men since they came out around 2002 by the company called Leading Edge Health. Originally sold as normal VigRx these new VigRx Plus are a tweaked version with more penis enhancing ingredients added for extra strength.

Starting late on the herbal strains of erectile dysfunction remedies I have never tried the standard pills these replaced, which you can still buy, but the truth is why would you bother trying something that even the manufacturer states isn't as powerful, so I went staright onto the Plus version. The manufacturers boast that these pills contain the finest ingredients and they claim results within 60 days or you get a full refund on your original purchase if your not in agreement with them.

When I ditched prescription Viagra for these pills I was a bit sceptical of the claims the company was making with words like "backed by doctors" and " clinically proven to give any man a bigger, harder erection and improve your sex life" but with the money back guarantee I thought what the heck lets give them a try. A months supply box contains 60 pills and I was taking one in the morning and one in the evening and I would guess it took about a week or so before I could feel my penis actually felt a little different than normal. I had no size gains or major movements but I could tell something was happening. It was about the 5th week when I could literally see my penis looking slightly bigger and what with the excercises I was doing daily also I could also get aroused on my own easier than I had been able to for a long time.

By day 60 I was on the deadline of having the option to return the pills for a refund but I declined and stuck with them not because of the promises the manufacturers and other men had given, but because I was actually able to get an erection during sex with my partner and it not go down midway through. The pills were doing what they had promised they would slowly but surely. As with my whole process I cant state that VigRx Plus was the sole reason of my penis revival as I have always eat well and excercised at least every other day by jelqing, but the Viagra I had been taking on demand weren't giving long term and spread out results like this so I did know it was the ingredients doing the job for me and my general energy levels all round felt higher also.

The pills contain many ingredients that are potent in helping blood flow to the penis and they include

EPIMEDIUM - better known as horny goat weed which I talk about in the "free ED diy techniques" section. The plant has been said by doctors to be almost as strong as the man made Viagra as it contains compounds called sildenafil, and icariin which are PDE5 inhibitors and doctors agree this natural plant is far safer than Viagra also. Not only is it good for the penis blood flow it is a all round energy booster that will  make you feel great over time and prolongued use.

DAMIANA - is a natural aphrodisiac and its been used throughout history to treat sexual problems and increase sexual ability in older people and the pelvic regions. As with all of the ingredients contained there is no noted side effects made in clincal studies and it is safe to use.

GINKGO BILOBA - This is extracted from the maidenhair tree native to china. This natural product is very popular in the east and is known to increase blood flow to the brain and genitals.

MUIRA PUAMA - This is a plant native to Brazil and it is known as "the amazon Viagra". It has been used by native tribes people for centuries as a sexual aphrodisiac and it works relaxing the blood vessels in your penis which in turn results in bigger and harder erections due to the increased space achieved.

BIOPERINE - This chemical is also spoken about in our hints and tips section of healthy foods to eat and it is extracted from pepper corns. This chemical helps your body absorb all the other ingredients in the pills and the list of them is large.

The results I have achieved after using this pill for now a couple of years a quite remarkable and I can say I have grown just over an inch in length, ive added an inch in girth and my erections are reliable and powerful when the time comes. If you order through my links here VigRX Plus you can get a 10% discount by applying voucher code
VPLUS10 at the checkout. The delivery is usually within a couple of days by DHL and its very discreetly packaged.

Honestly you will be blown away by these pills over time and like myself the longer you take them the better the results become. As with all of these types of products the more you buy the cheaper they become and if you order a 12 month supply it works out to only $38 per month including the 10% bonus discount when you order here.

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