Treatment of erectile dysfunction depends on the reasons why it has arisen. In the case of endocrine disorders in patients prescribed hormone pills or gels. If the doctor chooses the causes of medication drugs do not affect the potency. Removal of neurological causes is to treat the underlying disease that caused problems with potency. Psychological reasons require a special approach: rest, relaxation, creating atmosphere of trust between the partners, or even talk with the doctor (a psychologist, therapists). Anatomical changes of the penis, negatively affecting erection, removed surgically.

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erectile dysfunction is clinically Referred to as the "erectile dysfunction disorder of a males sexual functions", which often becomes a real problem for men all over the world. Statistics say that almost every man, from 20 years old, at least once confronted with the symptoms of erectile disfunction: lack of rigidity of the penis in an excited state. As a consequence, can not place full sexual intercourse. But you should know that talking about erectile disfunction only in the case when the quality of erection can not be achieved in more than 25 percent of sex acts.

Most erectile disfunction for men to become a serious challenge, because it is not only physiological but also psychological problem. It shows that overall health is reduced, but not talking about a man unable to ejaculation or the inability to have children.

Each type of erectile dysfunction has its own characteristics. For example, psychological erectile dysfunction usually begin suddenly. It is associated with stress, overexertion, or problems in the relations between partners. In this morning erections and the ability to maintain the penis in a state of stress during intercourse are preserved.

Organic problems usually begin gradually, and to maintain a normal erection every time it becomes increasingly difficult. This indicates the presence of any underlying disease that requires treatment. Also, organic problems may occur due to taking medications that affect the potency. The man remains in libido and ejaculation, but there are no nocturnal erections and sexual intercourse during the term may suddenly lose rigidity.

It is very important, noting changes in the state of erection, do not deduct it on all kinds of external causes (stress, fatigue, quarrel with a partner), because the problems in the sexual sphere must not become the norm. To solve the problem, be sure to consult a specialist.

Erectile dysfunction usually has a number of reasons, the most common of which we consider in more detail.

Endocrine causes of erectile dysfunction is a violation of production of male sex hormone - testosterone. This often occurs when genetic abnormalities, trauma, infections and tumors. The potency and the erection of such diseases is usually resume after treatment of hormonal preparations (tablets, gels).

Medicinal causes of erectile dysfunction are to receive certain drugs that reduce the production of male sex hormones. It may be drugs that inhibit the activity of the cerebral cortex, and any drugs, including alcohol.

Neurological causes of erectile dysfunction include a number of diseases of the peripheral nerves or the spinal cord and brain. It can be as traumatic brain and spinal cord, and autoimmune diseases, circulatory disorders in the brain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, perineal trauma and pelvic floor.

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are as protracted stress, nervousness, depression, problems with your partner or non sexual preferences and habits. Even the usual fatigue can adversely affect male potency. It is also often experience fear of failure in bed or a sexual act with a new partner affects erection.

Among other reasons can also be isolated injuries of the penis and problems with blood vessels (sclerosis). If the flow of blood through the arteries is disturbed, erection can not walk for a long time or occur in low volume. If you violate venous block erection occurs quickly, but also passes quickly, often not allowing complete sexual intercourse. This happens because of inflammation of the inner lining of blood vessels, typical of heavy smokers or people with autoimmune diseases. It should also highlight penial vasospasm, poor circulation in the vessels of the penis.

A rare cause of erectile dysfunction can be a definite anatomical changes of the penis (Peyronie's disease, abnormal location of urethra).

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction can be divided into several types: disorders of libido (sexual desire), erectile dysfunction, ejaculation and orgasm (anorgasmia). The most common symptom associated with stress, fatigue or poor health, is a violation of libido - the reluctance of physical intimacy. This can happen because of the relationship partner discord, depression, and because of hormonal disorders (lower testosterone).

Weakness, inadequacy of erection may be evidence of vascular diseases and disorders of ejaculation, or lack thereof is due to psychological problems. Least likely to occur in men anorgasmia - a violation of an orgasm. It can be short or absent altogether. This symptom is associated with psychological disorders.
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