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This website has been built by myself Nick Jones, a  man who confident enough in what i say to use my real name and have pictures of myself on here unlike the hundreds of scam websites around. Once like yourselves I had been suffering with erectile dysfunction, personally mine was on and off for a number of years and it troubled me dearly both physically and emotionally, but after consistent dedication of my time and efforts of looking for a cure, I finally got there and now I can honestly say my penis is better than its ever been and the problem is a thing of the past.
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If you have found this website then there is no doubt you have been searching for answers like i was once, looking for the reasons and answers to my impotency condition. The internet was loaded with advice and one of the first things I learnt was the fact I needed to re-evaluate my lifestyle and diet. These two things are the absolute basis of curing erectile dysfunction and you can find a wealth of information about it on this website.

After trawling the internet for almost a year, I had run across a few different websites that claimed they could make my penis function normally again. I had nothing to loose and my penis to regain plus as an added benefit the products i was thinking about trying promised id end up having a bigger penis in the process as this was their main purpose anyway. Intrigued by these websites, I started searching around to see what my different options were.

So the question was all them years ago, what did I try first and will these products actually fix my penis? Not being able to choose, or even afford to buy them all I did what any desperate man would do in my situation - I just started with what I had to hand, and that was being able to manually jelq and exercise my penis as it was demonstrating it online. As time went on I began to order the products I had seen on the sites until things started to happen down below, so for me and this is what I can say.

Firstly I like yourself didn't believe what most of the sites were saying, and how could I when some were boasting growth of up to an inch per week. ahaha, but I am a testament to what using the right methods to reverse erectile dysfunction can do, and having an actual sex life not to feel embarrassed of. Second, I hope my information helps save you a little money, a bit of time, and maybe sweat and tears, as I have literally spent hundreds of dollars and probably well over a thousand in cash in search of the right methods, and hundreds of hours doing my own computer research.

There is so much on offer its somewhat overwhelming, but a lot of them are scams and they give totally misleading information on what results (if any) you will achieve. Contained in the mine field of offers is also some good information and products that do work, and actually promise they will or they refund your money, and let me say that these types of companies were the ones i went with and yes they do actually work.

My aim with this website is to give you as much of an unbiased view on the different penis enlargement techniques on the internet that I can give. I am only going to refer a handful but the others I can mention aren't worth it, or im confident enough in what I already know to say trust my word and try them also. So what am I going to do? well first off I am not going to provide you with a fake penis enlargement "story" and claim that I have doubled in size or ive regained the stamina I had when I was in my twenties, cos I have neither of them.

And im not saying ive  personally tried every penis enlargement method on the internet and only the methods that we recommend will work, because for all I know there is 30 more products that work exactly the same, but I can only vouch for what Im happy with. Im not saying I am doing this out of the pure goodness of my heart either because you probably already know ill make a bit of commission on any sales I make happen. Sites like this are everywhere but my site is one that actually cares about peoples problems before taking your money, and I'd rather you take the free bits off here and go else where than feel what you ended up with by paying was a waste of money.

The stuff for sale on here is worth the money, and Im actually going to show you more free ways to rid yourself of impotence problems than ways to rid them by paying for products. Im going to show you that by eating the right foods, and using the techniques I list to exercise your penis with your own hands, your going to be half way down the road to penis success anyway. Damn if you probably kept totally natural and followed what the site says you would get there anyway, but it will take 2 or 3 times longer......

I am going to show you a select few products I used and found to be very effective at increasing blood flow around your penis and getting yourself with that feeling in your body that you don't need to put all of your effort into a quick raise and another disappointing flop.... It will start to happen without thinking again, just a thought or a glimpse of your partner will get your little man all fired up and ready for action... just like the good old days.. aha

What this site represents and what I represent is years worth of knowledge gained by studying things, trying things, working out what helps and what doesn't help until finally one day I forgot I had even spent so many times wanting to rip my penis of in shame for not working again.. aha

I hope you take the time to read through the website and get to take on board some of what im saying in the articles. Like i said before, even if you take half of the stuff on board or just pinch the free bits about nutrition and self exercising, I promise you will notice at least some difference and improvement.  Ive been dedicated with my penis due to having a wife like a model in the streets and a ho in the bed, so I had to get better or it was kill myself the other option hee hee.

My penis now stands proud once again and looks healthier than ever... I may not go like a twenty year old but let my words be shown true if you do the same and you will see why i say my penis is now something to be proud of. From zero to hero I joke to myself when I look back where I was at my lowest points.. and you can do it as well fact.

And if you guys are wondering why the website says established since 2002 its because I bought the site off a guy who once used to sell Viagra to me, and he was selling prescription drugs for erectile disfunction 16 years ago, so this sites one of the real mckoys that was selling Viagra when it was first invented and the name "Viagra" was the miracle cure. At the bottom of the pages you can click on the copyright links and it takes you back 16 years for a glimpse at the site as it was back then, so if your after some nostalgia take a look and I do recommend it for a blast to the past.

Thanks for taking the time to get this far listening to what I say, and Im able to be contacted either by private email or publicaly on the chat forum, So from me Nick J thankyou very much and good luck whatever road you take with your penis. aha

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