For years we have read the phrase you are What You Eat. There is some real truth to this particular meal account. Researchers have revealed how the foods gentlemen take in can efficiently or adversely affect their Lovemaking ability. Erectile Dysfunction or ED, is a problem in men of all age groups and it can be said that men who eat unhealthily are much more prone to contracting or should we say detracting any feelings or usage in the genitalia area than men that eat better and are the ideal weight and body mass they should be.

An easy way to lessen your chances of suffering from health conditions like erectile dysfunction in older age is to change the way we live, but it is easier said than done and most men don't realise the problem until it literally drops into their laps. The good news is however for men that do suddenly loose the ability to gain an erection, have the chance to opt for a more healthy daily diet and exercise regime, and these steps will go toward reversing the effects given time. In this article we show you which food items you should start to eliminate, and which ones to eat more of for a nutrient boost.

Male impotency occurs when there is a lackening of adequate blood circulation around the penis area. The penis works like a sponge and it can only go up or down if there is blood going in and out. Medical records show that one of the physical reasons men can develop ED is due to underlying heart problems, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, onset of diabetes, and an overall reduction and loss in size sometimes happening due to men being over weight, But one thing that is clear and linking all of these problems is they can be linked to bad diets. The foods standards agencies from around the world, typically suggest that foods with high levels of salts, sugars and cholesterol levels should be part of a balanced diet and not doing such a thing during the life cycle of a male can and does play a major factor in the onset of erectile dysfunction.
Every one of these health conditions results the guts ability to push enough blood for the very important internal organs of your body and the member demands a lot of blood to complete the 3 sponge or cloth-like compartments to achieve and observe after a hardon.

Men that fit into this above category plus other types of males who have developed the deficiency in other ways have a lot of the time masked over the problem by using the likes of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra pills for an instant answer to a bad effort, but by doing so they are actually bringing on more unwanted problems due to the side effects of taking these pills can have if used regular. A simple change of half a weeks diet would immediately benefit these guys both in the penis department and the overall full health and wellbeing in general.

The following food and Drink items shown are ones that should be immediately stopped once the signs you have an erectile dysfunction are confirmed:

1. Foods high is salt

2. Red meat products including processed meat like burgers

3. Full fat dairy products should be swapped for low or no-fat alternatives

4. Foods and drinks that both contain high levels of sugar

5. Alcohol consumption should be stopped or taken down to the minimum recommended units per week by doctors

6. Fast food meals and takeaways high in fats

7. Crisps and snacks

8. Bakery items and bread products

Foods you should be eating more and using as part of your main diet are:

1. Dark green leafed vegetables are a good source of zinc and nitrates. Zinc oxide and nitrates in foods like sprouts, spinach and celery has been proven to improve blood flow throughout the body, including the area around the penis, which is exactly what the foods you have ditched did the opposite of. These minerals are both vasodilators which means they make blood vessels expand letting more blood flow.

2. Foods that are high in protein have shown to give significant improvement in males with impotency problems. One food that is especially good for ED is pistachio nuts as they contain a chemical called arginine which again helps relax blood vessels and in turn this increases the ability for blood to flow.

3. Watermelon is a fruit that contains a lycopene and lots of other vitamins but lycopene is ideally shown as an antioxidant which is good for your prostate, heart and skin.

4.Dark chocolate contains flavonoids and compounds known as phytochemicals which can provide health benefits. flavonoids are again an antioxidants and are good for the brain and induces stimulation. It is also known to reduce the chances of people developing Alzheimer's and strokes. Dark chocolate is also good for the vascular system and it can induce a positive mood for people under stress, which with a broken penis men usually are.

5. Oysters and shell fish are rich in zinc which is one of the chemicals used by the male body to produce testosterone. Low levels of testosterone are known to be a cause of erectile dysfunction and it is important to help build it up even if its not low during this time. Shelled fish contain other chemicals which releases and improves sexual desire in both men and women and again this is the boost you are needing.

6. Cayanne black pepper is known to increase chemicals in the blood due to piperine which it contains. this then causes the blood to make coenzyme which flows to the uterus in women and the penis in men. Black pepper is well known as a natural remedy against ED and its used in most herbal penis pills. Black pepper is also an anti-depressant.

7. Cucumber is a great vegetable to eat to help combat erectile dysfunction as it contains a chemical called citrulline. Citrulline then coverts in the body into another chemical called nitrite, which is known to help maintain and give stronger than normal erections.

8. Tomatoes and grapefruits contain a chemical called lycopene which is another phytochemical which is good for all around blood circulation and especially in the lower gentals area

16 foods that can either eliminate impotency or make erectile dysfunction worse.

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