Penis Enlargement Pills

Penis enlargement pills come in various different forms. You have the Viagra and prescription type of tablets which are taken on demand or in other words just before sex, and then you have the herbal type that are taken daily and the idea is they build up in your system and get your penis working as and when you require and your body produces a natural erection. Personally I stopped taking the likes of Viagra, xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx many years ago due to the side effects listed on the packets and the long term harm they can cause and decided to opt for the herbal type for the obvious reason everything contained in them is natural.

Herbal penis pills work by increasing blood flow to your Corpora Cavernosa muscle. By increasing the flow of blood to the Corpora Cavernosa and the surrounding chambers your penis can hold more blood and this can in turn lead to yourself getting feeling and movement back when sexually aroused. Also the increase in bloodflow over time will stretch and break the tissue's in your penis, the same as your muscles stretch and break down when doing weight lifting and this causes your penis to also increase in size. when you a large. Penis enlargement pills have other benefits such as increased sexual appetite and bloodflow.

When looking to purchase penis enlargement pills the quality and blend of ingredients is the most important factor to consider. Some ingredients may appear similar but the quality can be very poor in some pills and lower quantities which can affect your long term results.

When I first tried using this type of treatment I didn't sample lots of different types I immediately went with what the internet reviews and companies themselves were saying were the best, because what is the point in trying pills out if others are saying they are useless. The two I went with after reading up on things were
"VigRx Plus®"and "Max Performance™" herbal pills. The two pills do actually work like promised and as much as they are very similar in the way of quality they are also both very different and i will explain in full detail about each product on there own full page review found "HERE VigRxPlus" and also "HERE MaxPerformance"

Penis extender Traction Devices

One of the other methods I used and still do to reverse the effects of erectile disfunction is the use of penis traction devices. They work by applying a constant strain over the length of the penis, and by doing this the device triggers the penis's natural blood flow. This is a more aggressive technique than pills as it literally tears your tissue by force and naturally your body begins to grow new tissue cells to repair its self. Though it sounds very harsh on your body this method once combined with the herbal tablets has proved very successful for me and not only did it get things moving down there once again the extra size and girth I achieved gave an extra boost to my self esteem so it was a double whamy effort that enabled me to get a confident erection once again.

These penis extending traction devices were once only made by a couple of companies and when I purchased mine I paid roughly £400 as they had literally only just come out, but nowadays you can spend as little as £20 for them on ebay and continuing on up to the £200-£300 mark and although the £20 version look similar believe me when I say they are not the same as the more expensive versions and you will be wasting your money and risking damaging your penis further.

Due to me only trying two versions of penis traction devices I can only vouch for those two, but I originally bought the "jes-extender" which you can
buy here for xxxxxxx and this is what I would consider the deluxe model, or you can buy what I have found to be an excellent quality cheap version here for xxxxx and just because it is cheaper by about half the price I can personally vouch for its quality and say its very capeable and safe to use and the results will be the same. You can also read my actual review and personal trial recordings here from when I first ever started using my traction device.
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