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The strong mindset you need to have as your first weapon in your battle to self curing impotence and your erectile dysfunction problem

Impotence is the term used to describe the problem a man has when he doesn't have the ability to accomplish or sustain a solid erection which is good enough to allow full sexual intercourse. Impotence also known as erectile dysfunction is a common iproblem for many middle aged and older gentleman, but it can come happen in men as young as in there late teens. It is estimated that 50% of men will suffer with some type of impotence problem at some stage during their lifetime and it could last for a few weeks or it could last years and be a permanent issue.

There are many different reasons why men may suddenly start to suffer from this problem and it can be caused by stress, illness, age, poor mental state of mind or it can feel as though there is no reason you can pinpoint and its just happened. We all loose an erection now and then and its not even thought about or made into an issue for us. It happening twice in a row is usually followed by a feeling of dismay and sexual frustration as your trying to work out in your mind whats going on, but when it happens again and then again the frustration and the apologies men feel they have to make can turn into a serious state of worry.

The fact is men like to be men, and the thought of not being able to satisfy your wife or partner is sometimes devastating for people. Psychological barriers start to form in their own heads as they begin worrying about "whats ifs" and the thought of the letting down your partner again. Men can start to worry that their partners are going to leave them, and all sorts of crazy things when the thing that makes you a man is letting everyone down. The more men worry the more chance they have of getting stuck in a impotency rut, because their mind is only thinking of failure. If you have this mindset of failure stuck in your brain you will struggle twice as hard to get your penis problems back to normal.

To be in control of something you feel you have no control over you need to stop thinking negative and focus on all of the positive ways you can help yourself instead. The ways you have available if you take the time to learn are vast and you are odds on favourite to win as long as you think you can win. The first thing you need do is to stop blaming yourself and not to over worry at such an early stage. If your struggling with your erections go and see a doctor, and until they have spoken with you just let it be forgotten about as our mental frame of mind is the most vital thing you needs if your trying to fix your erection problem. Next take time to think about any changes to your lifestyle that have happened around the time your bits decided to go lazy, have a good think it can be anything so consider them all. One of the next most important things is to start drinking more fluids than normal and try to eat healthier foods. Even if you eat healthy anyway read my other articles on what foods to have more of, before you take more drastic actions of specific medicines or pills.

On my website there are several articles with lists of fruits, vegetables and meals that are full of specific target ingredients aimed at increasing blood flow around your body and especially the area surrounding the penis. If you tend to take showers change your habit for the time being to hot baths and have a long relaxing soak to allow your penis to relax in the water. The heat will naturally cause the penis to start pumping more blood and while this is happening gently but firmly stretch and massage the tissue of the penis to stimulate blood flow further. Many of the ingredients to reverse impotency i mention, in my other articles wont be found in the average  home but with a bit of pre-planning they can be bought from places like boots, barrett and holland or local herbal shops. These herbs and nutrients are the baby versions, but they will help to start off and it may be all you need.

For a period of time it may be a good idea if you stopped trying to have sexual intercourse with your partner and resorted to self masturbation with pornographic magazines or videos online. This is so you can get to some sort of understanding of what your body is doing and you wont have the thought in your mind that your letting your partner down or its embarrassing / frustrating for you once again. If you do resort to this as a tactic which does help and is recommended, try not to overthink or worry if not much is happening, and instead think positive and set your mind on going down the next root of attack so you beat this problem. I say it can be beaten because i have suffered with impotence since my late twenties and even at times i thought my penis was never going to work again for my partner, I in the end only got better when i stepped things up or altered my depressed state of thinking to one of optimism next time round. Remember you still have the doctor to speak with and worrying isnt needed until thats taken place at least....

Even if you come out of the doctors concerned I would be hoping that you had looked through my website and taken whats being said here on board and thought to yourself that if Nick is correct not only can i end up back to normal with some dedication, I can end up with a stronger penis than I had in the first place.... Believe me guys, mines bigger now than it ever was... aha.. This article has been mainly trying to explain that its the way you think that is your biggest obstacle most of the time when this happens. If you think correctly and positively your in a better frame of mind to want to eat healthier or to take the time to read up on what herbal remedies to buy, and excercises to do. If you look at the order ive spoken here its been about your mental state to start and learning to control it,  then I spoke about what we intake food wise and what changes we make like having hot baths etc, and then i came back to the mindset topic again, its because without your mindset correct you wont believe a silly hot bath helps or a silly piece of a certain fruit could possibly help as its lifeless down there and thats that. The thing is the brain is the one that was telling the penis what to do before it went on strike, its just usually you dont think about your penis going hard it just happens..... So thats what you need to do.... stop thinking about it going hard or going floppy.....

I have mentioned some foods but for the life of me I cant remember half of the names, but i know pomegranite is a special penis food and so are plums, watermelon and about 50 others listed on my site. If you want to see them follow the link at the top of this page to my website, and you will be able to see ive  listed as the more basic tactics used to beat impotency to the slightly more convincing methods and going right on up to full brute force techniques to basically give your penis no other option but to start doing as its told. The first page land on is you my testament to what ive gone through and how ive not only over the years got my penis working on top form, its also gotten bigger than it used to be. There is two methods to contact myself one being private email and the other being an open forum where anyone can talk and answer each other, but the site does do what its intended to do and thats providing the information and the means for people to win their impotency battle and getting a penis as strong and if not stronger than you had to start off with.

Thanks for reading this article and wether you visit my site or not i wish you the best,  Nick J

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Strong mind, stronger erections and the cruel battle between man and his erectile dysfunctional penis